Hands on Babies Gets Global Approval

Hands On Babies is delighted to extend our training services to the 1000’s of overseas students who would like to train to become Baby Massage and Baby Yoga instructors.

Hands on Babies courses are internationally recognized through our accreditation from the world renowned Royal College of Midwives and through its Government approved regulated (RQF) courses. In addition through its partnership with Towergate International Insurance, Hands on Babies can now confirm insurance providers worldwide will now offer practice insurance in your home country to our students once they have successfully completed their training with hands on babies.

Through this international agreement on insurance provision and with the launch of its fantastic Virtual Training Academy Hands on Babies can now offer our fully accredited and regulated courses to students from overseas without the need for any travel. The full process from enrolment to final accreditation can all be done online making our training a great option for students around the world to become fully accredited and recognized Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructors.

Once you have received your accreditation from Hands on Babies you can then access practice insurance relevant to your home country from the Hands on Babies insurance partner.

The full process of training from enrolment to qualified and insured practitioner can all take place online without the need for any travel or face to face meeting.

So if you think baby massage and baby yoga may be the next big think in your country Hands on Babies would love to welcome you to our growing family of International students.

Contact us today on 0845 017 6029 (local rate calls) or email us
 for more info on our Training Courses
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