A NEW ‘Gold Standard’ in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Qualifications

For the last three years Hands on Babies have been working with SkillsFirst (a regulated awarding body - similar to City and Guilds) to develop OfQual* Regulated Courses in our specialist disciplines of baby massage and baby yoga.

The Hands on Babies Accredited Courses in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga can now form the foundation courses for these new OfQual Regulated Government Qualifications.

Cath Cole, Hands on Babies Head of Training explains:

“We are really proud of being able to offer these fantastic new qualifications which represent a game changer in an otherwise unregulated market. In addition to ensuring that consistently high standards of training are maintained, it was really important that the new Regulated Qualification remains accessible for people hence the two stage process - Hands on Babies accredited foundation course and then the extension into Regulated Qualification if you choose to.”

Cath goes on to say:

We firmly believe that people will see the additional work as a fair exchange for the huge benefits of having a Regulated Qualification, not least the fact that your competitors will not be able to begin to match your qualifications standard. Having a Regulated OfQual Qualification in an otherwise unregulated market will give your potential customers the confidence and reassurance that you have been trained to the highest possible standard.”

Only OfQual Regulated Qualifications have the following benefits for learners. All the other non-regulated training courses available in the UK simply cannot offer these benefits:

  • The qualification level is recognised on the National Qualification Frameworkand Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF). i.e Officially recognised by the Government.
  • Employers, customers, and partners alike will know that someone who has a certificate for an Ofqual Regulated Qualification has reached a recognized standard in the acquisition and achievement of specific knowledge and skills. Making it great for your CV, your CPD, your marketing and your credibility.
  • For staff whose CPD requirements stipulate only (RQF) Regulated training courses, these are the only Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses in the UK that can fulfil these specific CPD requirements
    Regulated qualifications are recognised by and often transferrable to other educational institutions – so your qualification will have real transferable value on your CV.
  • Your certificate for a Regulated Qualification shows that you have attained the specific level of knowledge and understanding the qualification claims.
  • Your qualification will be more easily recognised, not just in England, but also across the UK and Europe as part of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
  • They give confidence that your qualification is delivered by an organisation whose integrity, resources and competence have been independently vetted and which are independently checked on an ongoing basis.
  • They inform your future employers or customers that your qualifications are monitored and are consistently at the standard and level they claim to be.

And finally one of the biggest possible benefits…

As these courses are regulated and fully recognised by the Government, your training may be eligible to be fully funded through central government education and training funds.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OfQual) is the Government Department that regulates qualifications (GCSE’s, A Levels, AS Levels and Vocation & Technical Qualifications) & which is often referred to as the “exam watchdog”.

One of OfQual’s Main Roles is to Maintain Standards and Confidence in Qualifications.

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