Online Training

It Couldn't be Simpler

Hands on Babies are delighted to have launched a fantastic new and improved interactive Online Academy whereby students can easily train in the Safety, Convenience and Comfort of their own home in both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.  

To give our online students a complete and comprehensive training experience we have developed and produced a range of videos, online documents and interactive quizzes which faithfully replicate our traditional face-to-face curriculums.

Our Online Training Courses have the benefit that students can watch and re-watch our training videos time and time again until they feel 100% Confident

Hands on Babies online courses are also self-paced, which means you can access the various sections of the curriculum at a time that suits you. The full process all the way through to accreditation can take place within the online environment and can be achieved within a matter of weeks.

Our Online Training is also fully approved so you will have no problem attaining full practice insurance at the end of your course, wherever you are in the world.

The process of the Online Training is very similar to our Face-To-Face training. Firstly you work through the curriculum content and familiarise yourself with all the information you need to know to run really effective parent facing sessions.

There is then an element of home study which you can do whenever you are ready and email to us for assessment.

There is also an element of practical assessment just as there is in our face to face sessions whereby we will invite you or your group of colleagues to our Live Virtual Classroom and have a facetime/skype type session whereby you can demonstrate the strokes and what you have learnt through your learning journey, or you can send us a stroke run-through which you could record on your phone or tablet.

To offer extra support (should you need it) we can also schedule Live Tutorials if there are any parts of the curriculum that you feel you need a little bit more guidance on or if you just feel you’d like the reassurance of running through things with a live instructor

To support all the information that you can access online you can also download your copy of the Hands on Babies Instructor Training Manuals or opt to have a hard copy posted directly to you.

Online Training is still quite new for some people so to get a true appreciation of the ease and effectiveness of training online, the following link takes you through a quick tour of the Hands on Babies Virtual Academy experience - it's so easy to get started and the entire training experience all the way to full accreditation can be completed within our fantastic new online environment:



Hands on Babies are delighted to announce the launch of a New and exciting range of 38 CPD-UK Accredited courses, all designed to help support your Continuing Professional Development and to help you grow your business in these challenging times.

Designed in conjunction with industry experts, our courses are designed to be both Affordable and Accessible and focus on several key development areas, notably Childcare Skills, Sales and Marketing, Mental Health & Medical, Business Admin and Health & Safety and will equip you with a wide range of skills and knowledge.

From a range of Micro courses taking less than an hour to complete to 20 hour full courses, our informative and engaging learning materials are compatible with all major internet browsers and devices.

All of our courses are also self paced too which means you can access them from anywhere and at a time to suit you as you juggle other commitments such as family and work.

So if you want to refresh your existing knowledge, improve your careers opportunities, learn new skills or simply keep up to date with the latest developments in any of our core categories then check out our exciting new range of courses today.

As all of our new courses are independently accredited by CPD-UK it gives you the confidence that all of our new courses are of the highest possible quality and standard.



Contact us today on 0845 017 6029 (local rate calls) or email us
 for more info on our Training Courses
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