Blended Learning

Combine Online and Face to Face Learning...

At Hands on Babies, we constantly strive to offer the best possible service for those who want to become Baby Massage and Baby Yoga instructors.

We are delighted to be able to offer a combination of Online Learning and Face To Face Training through our Blended Learning option.

Students can enrol in our online provision and then at the end of the process if they feel they would like a little more support they can opt into one of our Face To Face sessions to complete their training.

You simply pay the difference in cost between the online and face to face option and book onto one of our face to face sessions in either London, Milton Keynes or Manchester.

So if you are still a little unsure about Online Training, you now have the opportunity to try it out, but then extend it into a Face To Face experience to complete your training if your prefer.
Contact us today on 0845 017 6029 (local rate calls) or email us
 for more info on our Training Courses
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