Why Become a hands on babies Licensing Partner?

If you want to simply train as a fully accredited baby massage instructor the hands on babies instructor training course is second to none. At hands on babies however, we are passionate about providing as much support as possible to our instructors to enable them to develop their own long term sustainable baby massage classes.

We recognise that we live in a commercial world and that the demands on a new mums time and attention are considerable. We also recognise that newly qualified baby massage instructors whilst being fully qualified and competent to run and communicate their classes, do not necessarily have all of the skills or resources to cost effectively develop all of the essential tools required for a successful small business.

Brand identities, web sites, email addresses, promotional leaflets, posters and effective marketing & PR strategies are all required by small businesses if they are to effectively communicate their presence and attract customers in today’s highly competitive world. To develop and maintain these tools can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, can take considerable amounts of time to get right and can leave people open to exploitation by undesirable individuals.

By becoming a hands on babies licensing partner we can cost effectively take care of all of these elements for you, leaving you free to focus on the important business of running your very own baby massage classes from the moment you are qualified.

We believe it’s important to highlight that whilst our licensing programme does complement the hands on babies instructor training courses, it is a no obligation service that does not form an integral element of our instructor training courses.

In short if this side of our business is not of interest to you, you can be rest assured that it will not be ‘ rammed down your throat’ during your instructor training sessions.

So what is Licensing?

hands on babies baby massage is a leading national provider of baby massage classes and baby massage instructor training courses. It is the only baby massage brand to operate on a truly national basis and to seamlessly combine the holistic benefits and ethos of the practice of baby massage with the demands of running a successful small business in today’s highly commercialised world. The hands on babies brand identity is also arguably the strongest, most recognisable and attractive baby massage brand in the UK.

Access to this brand positioning and identity will add significant value and credibiliity to any baby massage instructor. It will save you the time, hassle and expense of developing your own materials and will allow you to maximise your credibility and income as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Put very simply therefore, for a very small monthly fee, all hands on babies trained instructors can secure the right to operate under the hands on babies brand name and gain access to our unrivalled range of marketing materials and branded merchandise.

This will allow you to:

  • Use the hands on babies web site as a promotional tool for your business
  • Have your very own ‘yourname@handsonbabies.co.uk’ email address
  • Gain access to hands on babies branded class materials
  • Maximise your income through gaining access to a wide range of beautifully presented hands on babies branded merchandise – towels, massage oils, gift items etc.
  • Gain access to a wide range of hands on babies branded promotional leaflets and posters all printed with your personal details.
  • Gain access to hands on babies branded business stationery – headed paper, comp slips, business cards etc.
  • Gain access to extremely competitive print costs and a proven track record of delivering quality printed materials
  • Benefit from any enquiries for baby massage classes being passed on to you from the hands on babies website.
  • You will further benefit from the ‘halo effect’ of hands on babies own national marketing and PR activities as we further strive to reinforce our positioning as the UK’s definitive baby massage brand.
  • In essence, we will provide you with all of the essential tools needed to successfully drive your business forwards from day one which will allow you to focus on the important business of developing and running your very own baby massage classes.

Is it expensive to become a hands on babies licensing partner?

No, we estimate that you could maintain the monthly licensing fee for over four years for the cost of developing a fairly average website.

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