Baby Massage Demonstration Dolls

Weighted at 1.5kg and 59cm long our dolls are the perfect size for practicing your strokes and yoga poses and big enough for use as a great teaching tool in your parent facing classes. Specially designed to be soft-bodied below the knee and elbow ensures that they are superb for demonstrating moves whereby we need to bend at the knee and elbow.

The flexible, soft-body parts of the doll allow for a full range of movements. Moulded hands and feet demonstrate reflex positions your class babies are likely to demonstrate during the sessions and give you the perfect teaching tool. Also designed with permanently open eyes (as we should only massage babies who are awake) and an open mouth so you can expertly demonstrate our teething sequence, Hands on Babies dolls are the perfect resource for learning and teaching baby massage and baby yoga.

Cost for Hands on Babies students £59 Including VAT and UK delivery
For non Hands on Babies students £77 including VAT and UK delivery

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