Our classes

Our sessions are run on a friendly and informal basis, giving you the opportunity to learn the principles of baby massage in a relaxed and sociable environment where lasting friendships are often made. Discussions will also be encouraged at the end of a session to talk about any challenges you may feel you face such as crying, colic, post natal stress etc. This gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts / anxieties and benefit from others experience

Our sessions have been developed as a comprehensive five step programme designed to introduce both you and your baby to the basic principles of baby massage in a clear, consistent and easy to follow fashion. The sessions are run on a weekly basis to allow you ample time to practice and perfect the techniques in the privacy of your own home.

Each session is accompanied by comprehensive session notes which will be emailed to you on a weekly basis to provide you with a recap all of the information from your session. This will ensure that both you and your baby gain the maximum benefit from your hands on babies experience.

All hands on babies teachers are trained and accredited instructors and have undergone extensive and rigorous training to ensure that the principles of baby massage are correctly taught and maintained.

Important note ~ babies always come first…

It is important to note that our sessions are run on the basis that babies and their needs are always put first.

Whether your child needs feeding, changing or whether they are unsettled, their needs will always come first and we at hands on babies readily embrace this.

We never forget that all new mums are in the same boat and that our children don’t always operate to our timetables – much as we’d like them to sometimes…

There is no pressure and we never judge...

So if you have never tried baby massage before and think that either you or your child may benefit from our sessions, don’t hesitate, don’t be nervous, contact us today to explore the gift of loving touch that is hands on babies baby massage

Also, if you are interested in becoming an accredited baby massage or baby yoga teacher, please Click here to see our forthcoming training dates and locations

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