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Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor Training by Hands on Babies

hands on babies baby massage is one of the UK’s leading providers of Royal College of Midwives accredited Baby Massage Instructor Training Courses. We are also delighted to offer accredited Baby Yoga instructor training courses and baby massage classes at convenient locations across the UK.

Our hands on babies’ infant massage instructor training courses courses offer accredited, certified baby massage training courses for those wishing to become Baby Massage or Baby Yoga instructors.

Our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor Training Courses are suitable for both individuals and organisations alike, from mums who are looking for a new career to fit in around their family, to Sure Start Children’s Centres, Nurseries, NHS professionals or health clubs.

The known benefits of baby massage for both mother and baby are arresting and unquestionable. Baby massage is widely supported by medical practitioners across the world.

So whether you wish to give your child the undisputed benefits of baby massage or whether you wish to gain the skills necessary to become a fully accredited baby massage or baby yoga instructor, hands on babies would relish the opportunity of helping you spread the wonderful gift of loving touch.

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Why Offer Baby Massage & Baby Yoga classes?

Our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor Training Courses provide you with everything that you need to know to become a fully qualified instructor and to provide a warm and relaxing introduction to the basics of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga and in today’s demanding commercial environment, it makes good business sense to offer a service for which there will be strong demand.

In 2009 as a nation we spent over £20,000,000 per week on baby products and with an increasing trend towards cash rich, time poor parents, this trend is set to rise even in the light of current economic conditions. When it comes to their children, most parents don’t think about the costs, they just think about the benefits and the benefits of baby massage are significant, impressive and undisputed.

With these benefits in mind, the popularity of infant massage is increasing at an amazing rate, with many major brands responding to this by developing baby massage products and advertising the benefits of incorporating baby massage into a bedtime routine, such as helping baby sleep and helping to alleviate teething and colic.

As a result, there is a demand like never before for quality baby massage classes nationwide...

hands on babies training courses offer you the opportunity to attain an enviable work life balance, providing a potentially significant income with the flexibility of being your own boss.

Our courses provide everything you need to become a fully qualified instructor, quickly and simply.

Why baby massage?

Baby Massage is one of many ancient traditions which can help new mothers give their infant the best possible start in life. Baby massage promotes both health and the feeling of security that all babies crave.

The long standing benefits of baby massage for infants are plentiful, the immediate benefits of regular baby massage include a marked improvement in sleep duration & quality, improved circulation, healthier muscle tone and a feeling of deep relaxation. The help in alleviating the symptons of colic and other digestive conditions is also widely known. Baby massage provides a wonderful sense of calmness for the baby through the reduction of stress causing hormones.

Baby massage is especially effective in premature babies, massage techniques can be adapted to help increase much needed weight gain and prevent any further well-being complications. Babies with special-needs also are well known to benefit from regular skilled massage.

Infant massage is an old tradition which can help Mum's give their precious baby the best loving start in life to promote health and happiness. The physical benefits of infant massage are practically endless, but the immediate benefits include:

  • alleviates the common symptoms of colic, teething, painful wind and constipation
  • aids in soothing teething pains, wind and constipation pain and related stress
  • encourages babies to sleep better and for sustained periods
  • provides a relaxing activity for both mother and baby
  • can help reduce post natal depression and help baby and mother and also baby and father improve that special bond
  • boosts self esteem and self confidence in new mothers
  • helps stimulate baby’s important health system & functions including co-ordination, respiration, digestion, learning and language development
  • helps stimulate a natural milk flow during breastfeeding

It is also important to know that infant massage is especially important in premature infants where the massage can be adapted to increase weight gain and prevent other complications. Infants with special needs also benefit greatly from regular massage.

Train with us...

Our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga accredited instructor training courses are run on a relaxed and friendly basis over two days with supplementary home study and are designed to ensure that you will be taught all of the skills required to teach baby massage, baby yoga or both, competently and confidently.

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We also recognise that it is not enough to simply possess the skills required to become a baby massage or baby yoga instructor. If your classes are to become sustainable and successful you must also have the skills to effectively communicate and market your services and attract people to your classes.

hands on babies therefore offer great marketing tuition and support to ensure that not only are you qualified as a fully accredited instructor but that you are also equipped with the skills required to effectively attract parents to your classes.

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