International Training

Train Anywhere in the World and Gain a Truly International Qualification

As one of the UK’s leading training providers, Hands on Babies specialises in delivering the highest quality internationally recognised Online Training in the disciplines of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

Hands on Babies have been operating as a training organisation for over 12 years and has worked with a wide range of individuals, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and National Charities.

We are delighted to offer Online Training to suit the needs of you or your organisation wherever you are in the world.

Over the years our experience of training people from all sorts of different professional backgrounds across the globe has enabled us to develop a fantastic curriculum for both our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Training Courses and our unrivalled combination of UK Government Regulated OfQual Qualifications, CPD UK Certified Accreditation and accreditation by the World renowned Royal College of Midwives ensures that our qualifications are truly recognised across the globe and offer our international students a Best of British qualification.

Hands on Babies is also delighted to be one of only 700 businesses across the whole of the UK represented by GREAT - a global campaign by the UK Government's Department of International Trade designed to drive international business and partnership.

GREAT showcases the best of the UK in terms of entrepreneurship and world class education and training and demonstrates the huge amount that GREAT UK business can offer to their overseas partners and customers.

Hands on Babies recognises the importance of extending its training reach beyond our shores to new territories.

Through its fantastic Virtual Training Academy and its partnership with Global Insurance partners international students can now train with Hands on Babies knowing that they will get a GREAT training experience.

Click Here for more information on Hands on Babies Internationally Recognised Accreditations.

Furthermore, the Hands on Babies Online Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor Training Courses have been approved through multiple global insurance providers to ensure that both our UK and overseas students will have no problem attaining full practice insurance at the end of the course wherever they are based. Covering over 100 countries, across 6 continents these unique Insurance Partnerships means that Hands on Babies qualifications have a truly global reach. Wherever you live you can become a Hands on Babies student, confident in the knowledge that your qualification will be recognised, relevant and most importantly insurable in your home country.

This combination of professionalism, experience and a passion for sharing the wonderful skill of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, enables us to offer an unrivalled training experience which will exceed all of your expectations.

The Hands on Babies Virtual Training Academy

Hands on Babies have developed a fantastic interactive Virtual Academy whereby students can train in the Safety, Convenience and Comfort of their own home in both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.  

To give our online students a complete and comprehensive training experience we have produced a host of videos and other online documents, which faithfully replicate our traditional face-to-face curriculum.

Our Online Training Courses also have the benefits that students can watch and re-watch our content time and time again until they feel 100% Confident and Competent.

Hands on Babies online courses are self-paced, which means you can access the various sections of the curriculum at any time that suits you. The full process all the way through to accreditation can take place within the online environment - so you could be in a position to complete your training, get fully accredited by Hands on Babies and be good to go with your classes within a matter of weeks or if you prefer, or you can take your time and work through everything over a number of months.

To support all the information that you can access online you are also posted a hard copy of the Hands on Babies Instructor Training Manual. If you book for both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga you will receive a manual for each discipline. These full colour, 150 and 140 page manuals, contain all the course curriculum in a hard copy format that is designed to support your online learning.

The process of the training is very similar to our face-to-face training.  Firstly you work through the curriculum content and familiarise yourself with all the information you need to know to run really effective parent facing sessions.

There is then an element of home study which you can do whenever you are ready and email to us for assessment.  There is also an element of practical assessment just as there is in our face to face sessions whereby we will invite you or your group of colleagues to our Live Virtual Classroom and have a facetime/skype type session whereby you can demonstrate the strokes and what you have learnt through your learning journey, or you can send us a stroke run-through which you could record on your phone or tablet.

To offer extra support (should you need it) we can also schedule Live Tutorials if there are any parts of the curriculum that you feel you need a little bit more guidance on or if you just feel you’d like the reassurance of running through things with a live instructor

The following link takes you through a quick tour of the Hands on Babies Virtual Academy and how it works - it's so easy to get started and the entire training experience all the way to full accreditation can be completed within the online environment:

Online Academy

If you would like to get a real taste for the Hands on Babies online experience try our FREE taster course which is designed to help potential students with their decision making process. By providing you with FREE access to a very small portion of our actual curriculums, our Taster Course enables students to get a real flavour for the quality of our online training experience and our training collateral. Enrol for FREE now!

So if you are looking to train Online in the disciplines of Baby Massage or Baby Yoga and want to train with one of the UK's most highly accredited, leading training providers then please contact us today.

Contact us today on 0845 017 6029 (local rate calls) or email us
 for more info on our Training Courses
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