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  • The qualification level is recognised on the National Qualification Framework and Regulated Qualification Framework. i.e Officially recognised by the Government
  • Employers, customers, and partners alike will know that someone who has gained an Ofqual regulated qualification has reached a recognised standard in the acquisition and achievement of specific knowledge and skills. Making it great for your CV, your marketing and your credibility.
  • Regulated qualifications are recognised by & often transferrable to other educational institutions – so your certificate will have real transferable value on your CV
  • Your certificate for a regulated qualification shows that you have genuinely reached the level of knowledge and understanding that your qualification claims.
  • Your qualification will be more easily recognised, not just in England, but also across the UK and Europe as part of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
  • It gives you the confidence that your qualification is delivered by an organisation whose integrity, resources and competence have been independently vetted and which are independently verified on an ongoing basis.
  • It informs your future employers or customers that your qualifications are monitored at consistently the standard and level it claims to be at.

And finally one of the biggest possible benefits...

  • As OfQual courses are regulated and fully recognised by the Government your training may be eligible to be fully funded through central government education and training funds.

The need for these new and unique regulated qualifications

Hands on Babies have been delivering training in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga for over 10 years. Through this experience and through growing concerns at the differing standards of training available, three mains needs for an official, Nationally recognised & Regulated qualification were identified:

Unregulated Market

At present in the UK, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga are completely unregulated. This means there is effectively no control over the required levels of information, learning levels or safety considerations for infants. In effect anybody can establish themselves as a Baby Massage or Baby Yoga training provider with no formal training required.

Quality Assurance

There are currently no controls, structures or processes formally in place to ensure that Baby Massage and Baby Yoga are taught at a consistently high standard. There is also no regulation as to what a qualification can be called, at what level a course is taught and what constitutes an ‘accredited’ course.

Access to Funding

Hands on Babies are regularly approached by individuals, SME’s, charities and community groups who are seeking training in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. All too often a big barrier to accessing the training is funding availability. If central government funds were available it would remove this barrier to learning and enable Hands on Babies to engage many more learners, providing them with the confidence, skills and learning at a nationally recognised standard to equip them for work and introduce them to further learning.

Hands on Babies in association with Skills First have been working on the development of these regulated qualifications for many years. By taking 
the skills of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga through the OfQual Regulated Qualification process within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF),
 for the first time in the UK, the quality of training can finally be formalised and officially & nationally recognised and the barriers that have existed for many to train in these wonderful disciplines can be reduced making Baby Massage and Baby Yoga more accessible than ever before.

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