Our unique advantage – our brand can be your brand

hands on babies - a growing reputation

hands on babies is the UK’s only national network of baby massage classes that are operated and marketed under a single brand.

It is the only national network of baby massage providers to support its instructors and partners with unrivalled essential business support services, ensuring that they can not only run but also promote and market their classes to great effect.

Developed by marketing and business professionals who have a love for baby massage, hands on babies will be promoted on a national basis across a wide variety of media to establish the hands on babies brand name as the definitive source of parent focused information on baby massage in the UK.

Our brand is becoming increasingly well known and through our media strategy in 2010 and our ambitious marketing and online promotional plans for the next year, we aim to be the most recognised baby massage provider in the UK by the end of this year. hands on babies is being developed as the definitive national brand name for finding and offering baby massage classes across the UK and by training with us, you can take advantage of our market positioning by running your classes under the hands on babies brand. This will enable you to access the following valuable business tools:

our online presence

The hands on babies website is the leading site for directing traffic to baby massage classes and through our sophisticated web optimisation programme, it is guaranteed to receive top rankings in all the main search engines for a variety of key phrases searched for including ‘baby massage’; ‘baby sleep’; ‘colic’ and ‘teething’ reinforcing our position as the leading source of information for mums wanting to find out more and ultimately to take part in baby massage classes in their area

merchandising opportunities

Our trainers can access a range of fantastic baby massage and development products that have been sourced by hands on babies . From oils, music, books and CD’s to developmental toys and baby clothes, hands on babies has developed a fantastic merchandising opportunity for trainers that wish to operate under our brand. By offering your customers the opportunity to purchase hands on babies products for use at home, our trainers will not only improve the service offering but will also build an additional level of sustainable and repeat income.

unrivalled marketing, PR and business support

If you choose to operate under our brand, a tool-kit of support is offered for all aspects of communications. As a hands on babies licensee you can pick and choose which elements of support you would like and the hands on babies support team will be there to assist. hands on babies offers perhaps more comprehensive marketing and business support than any other child oriented licence including:

  • Information on how to raise the brand awareness of hands on babies in your area
  • Template press release promoting the launch of your new activity offering
  • Template area specific promotional leaflets and posters
  • Template advertisements for placing in local newspapers
  • Bespoke hands on babies PowerPoint presentation for selling-in your classes at relevant meetings or gatherings
  • The hands on babies central marketing and PR strategy so that you can dovetail your activities with the national PR and marketing activities

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