Course Structure

The hands on babies instructor training course takes place over two days with supplementary home study and is divided into six distinct curriculum areas, which include:

  • Section 1: An introduction to baby massage, its benefits and knowing your baby
  • Section 2: The hands on babies parent facing course and how to teach it
  • Section 3: Marketing and promotion to drive awareness and participation
  • Section 4: Further reading and research
  • Section 5: Supplementary material to support class delivery
  • Section 6: Assessment

Core Area One

The first core area will introduce our instructors to the history and concept of baby massage so that they are equipped to talk authoritatively about the origins and ideal behind this wonderful experience. Our instructors will then be lead through the extensive benefits that baby massage can deliver, not only for the child but also for the person providing the massage. The benefits of baby massage are increasingly being recognised by western medical practitioners and it is important that such benefits can be communicated to class participants so as to encourage carers to commit to the massage routine becoming part of their baby's daily care routine. In this section we also look at key behavioural states and reflexes to provide trainers with the knowledge to help parents better understand their baby’s needs and reactions to stimuli. We also assess specific ‘cues’ that parents should look out for to ensure that their baby is both enjoying and happy to participate in the massage routine.

Core Area Two

The second core area concentrates on the hands on babies 5 week course that will be offered to parents. In this section you will learn the structure of hands on babies classes and the individual strokes (including how to perform them, and the benefits and cautions associated with these individual strokes).

Core Area Three

Thirdly we will take our instructors through our marketing and promotional plan and provide them with all the materials and expertise they need to market their classes to their target market and drive awareness of the benefits of baby massage more generally in their areas.

Core Area Four

The fourth section provides our trainers with a comprehensive list of further reading and research to which they can refer during the examination process and as a supplementary element of the core content of the hands on babies course.

Core Area Five

In the fifth section, our trainers will be provided with teaching support materials such as guidance notes, parental handouts, evaluation sheets etc that they can use within their own courses to support their own individual teaching needs.

Core Area Six

Finally, as with any qualification, trainers will be assessed to ensure quality, capability and professionalism of the hands on babies fully accredited training course.

our training courses – the key principles

  • Our training courses are run on a friendly and informal basis, giving students the opportunity to learn the principles of baby massage in a relaxed and sociable environment.
  • Our courses have been developed as a comprehensive six step programme designed to introduce the basic principles of baby massage in a clear, consistent and easy to follow fashion.
  • We understand that attending any training course can be a daunting prospect but we have the skills and experience to ensure that our course will be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience and that you will leave fully equipped to become a competent and confident baby massage instructor.
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